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Love (Heart)
Loyalty (Crown)
Friendship (Hands)

“Those we love remain we us,
for love itself lives on.

Cherished memories never fade,
because a loved one's gone.

Those we love can a never be,
more than a thought apart.

For as long as there is a memory,
they'll live on within our heart."

~ Ballyshannon, Ireland


Welcome to the Donahue Family Tree

Hardiman send off to Kate to ND

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Happy Birthday to Aunt Dorothy!

The family got together on Saturday, August 24th to celebrate the wonderful matriarch of the Donahue Family.

Below is an excerpt from one of Dorothy's grandchildren read to her that day with also links to some photos.

August 24, 2013       

Dear Grammie Dot,

Just a little note to tell you what an amazing time Reto and I recently had in the motherland!  We travelled through Ireland this past month, taking in all its beauty and the kindness of strangers.  We were so fortunate to have come into very close contact with a wonderful man named Paddy Donagher, who lives in Ballyshannon, Donegal. 

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